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This project is intended to hold various STEP andor EXPRESS related projects. Generally these will be projects for manipulating the EXPRESS schemas or the STEP data files.

There is the beginnings of a library for dealing with EXPRESS schemas. Eventually there will be a library for dealing with STEP data files.

Eventually the applications hosted in this project will use these two libraries to interact with EXPRESS and STEP.

For support with any of these packages, please send a message to the appropriate mailing list. If you have questions about how to use the software, send them to the user list. If you are trying to compile the software, then send your questions to the devel list. You should be able to post to the lists without becoming a member.

If you wish to participate in the development of these or additional packages, then you will probably want to join the development list.

STEP ToyBox Infrastructure

step-toybox is the infrastructure needed to support building the other libraries and applications. If you are not planning to compile any of the applications or libraries then you don't need this.

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EXPRESS Schema Diff Tool

STEP Instance File Diff Tool

STEP Migration Tool

STEP Graph

STEP Instance Reference Generator

None, yet.

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